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Mohawk Coffees

The Name:
Named for the Mohawk Trail that runs from Westminster, MA to Williamstown, MA—an enchanting ride through state forests, along rushing rivers, across historic bridges and climbing mountain roads.

The Coffee:
Mohawk Trail Mix is a blend of two coffees—one from Peru, the other from Cameroon—excellent coffees on their own and equally fine when combined. The low acidity of both coffees makes for a smooth blend and its dark chocolate and butterscotch notes are savored with each sip.


T he Name:
Named in honor and memory of the Mohawk Giants Negro League baseball team that played in Schenectady, NY from 1913-1915, and then again from 1929-1943, Mohawk Giants Blend has become our best selling coffee.  
The Mohawk Giants team was just one of the many Negro League teams established throughout the country giving men of color the opportunity to play professional baseball, something they were denied by the white professional leagues until 1945.
Like so many professional baseball players—black or white--many of the Mohawk Giants players supplemented their salaries by barnstorming across the country playing teams made up of white professional baseball players in games that would draw thousands. After one such game, Hall of Fame pitcher, Grover Cleveland Alexander described Buck Ewing, star catcher with the Mohawk Giants as, “the greatest catcher I ever saw, black or white.”
As wholehearted baseball fans we tip our caps (and cups) to the Mohawk Giants and their love of the game.

The Coffee:
Our new Mohawk Giants Blend is a mix of Brazilian and Tanzanian Peaberry beans. Together they make a wonderfully smooth, full-bodied cup with more than a hint of dark chocolate.


Oo la la!
It took some time to find just the right bean (not too oily, not oily enough) AND the correct roasting temperature to come up with Mohawk Coffee Co’s French Roast, but we feel it was time worth spent.
Our description: “Bold, Dark and Delicious” says it all, and our many, steady French Roast customers are a testament to its veracity.
Mohawk Coffee’s French Roast is as good in the morning with a croissant as it is after dinner with dessert or alone. Try a small bag by ordering our Sampler Pack (Four 8 oz. bags of your choice Mohawk Coffees for $22.00).
You won’t be disappointed.


The Name:
Triple Play—because of its rarity, the Triple Play in baseball (making three outs during the same continuous play) is arguably the most thrilling of all feats on the diamond. Only 704 triple plays have been recorded since 1876.

The Coffee:
A blend of three coffees—Brazil Supremo, Cameroon and Tanzania —in just the right ratio and roasted until the optimum temperature, results in this wonderful heavy-bodied, smooth tasting coffee. The overtones of cocoa and brown sugar complete its amazing flavor, giving credence to its name.


The Name:
Simple enough. The origin of this delicious coffee is the Bafoussam village in the Mifi area of Western Province, Cameroon. This particular cooperative was founded in 1958 and today has over 2,500 cooperative members!

The Coffee:
Cameroon is, in my opinion (and many of our customers) one of, if not, the best tasting of our coffees. The low acid content makes it easy on the palate and allows the richness of its flavors to emerge. With a sweet cherry overtone and hints of butterscotch and plum, Mohawk Coffee’s Cameroon has a full-flavored intensity you can enjoy any time of the day!


The Name:
Named for my late grandmother who was as sweet and mellow as this perfect blend of two delicious coffees.

The Coffee:
Maria’s Mix is a blend of two superb coffees. One, a notably sweet bean with a consistently smooth finish from the Mogiana region of Brazil and the other, a mellow, low acid, yet richly flavored bean from the Oku Valley of Cameroon. Mixed and roasted at the optimal temperature, these two coffees make for a sweet & mellow brew with sweet cherry and cocoa notes.