Mohawk Coffee Co. 
                                     (Fresh Roasted in Small Batches)

*                    **NO SHIPPING -- 6/2/19 - 6/17/19**


Mohawk Coffee Co. is now offering Gift Cards through our website.

Here’s how to order Gift Cards from us:

Go to the Order Coffee page on our website.  Scroll down the pricelist and choose the amount you would like to give. In the Gift Card Recipient space please write the name of the person(s) for whom you would like the Gift Card made out.

We will then email the Gift Card to you* so that you can then forward* it to the recipient. The Gift Card will have instructions on how to redeem it.

Any questions or feedback is always welcome—[email protected]

(* Please note that the reason we will send it to you to forward is that, should we send it directly, it may end up in the recipient’s junk mail.)