Mohawk Coffee Co. 
                                     (Fresh Roasted in Small Batches)

*                    **NO SHIPPING -- 6/2/19 - 6/17/19**

Easy Coffee/Chocolate Syrup

1/4 cup of hot, freshly brewed Mohawk Coffee of your choice
1/2 cup of your favorite chocolate chips or shavings

Pour hot coffee over chocolate.
Stir until blended
Drizzle over your favorite ice cream!

photo by Maliz Og
Ice Coffee

2/3 cup your choice Mohawk Coffee (drip grind)
3 cups cold water
Mix together in a large glass jar.
Refrigerate for 6-8 hours.
Pour over paper filter into glass container.
Serve with ice.
  Serve with coffee ice cubes!
     Froth your favorite creamer and add!
     Top with cocoa or cinnamon shavings!

Photo by Jane Morrissey