Mohawk Coffee Co. 
                                     (Fresh Roasted in Small Batches)

*                    **NO SHIPPING -- 6/2/19 - 6/17/19**

Storing Coffee

At Mohawk Coffee Co. we roast only on demand and that means we roast and ship your coffee the same day so that you receive it within two to three days.

That’s fresh!

So, what is the best way to store this newly roasted coffee? Here are some suggestions and warnings. We hope you find them helpful.

The bottom line for keeping your newly roasted coffee beans fresh is to store them in an airtight container and placing it in a cool, dark place such as a pantry or a kitchen cabinet that is not exposed to sunlight or heat from the stove.

DO NOT refrigerate coffee! Like chocolate, coffee can absorb the aroma of what’s in your fridge--and who wants coffee tasting like the fish you are planning to serve for dinner or the Romano cheese you grate atop your pasta?

DO NOT freeze your freshly roasted coffee beans either (basically for the same reason not to refrigerate) but also because, even if coffee is the only item in your freezer, coffee oils break down when frozen making the coffee less flavorful.

And don’t forget; DO NOT grind your freshly roasted coffee beans until you are ready to brew. Ground coffee stales at a much quicker pace than whole beans.